Take a Look:


Terraced Gardens

SylvanSun is blessed with a south-facing slope that catches all the sun's rays from dawn to dusk.  A few hearty kale, spinach, and cilantro plants survived the winter three years ago because of their location on this sunny slope.  Nick didn't have the same kind of luck last year, as the deer came in and snacked on all that was left after the fall harvest.  











Hemmabast Farm

At Pam and James' Farm, we have "the best soil in Pennsylvania."  Located at the bottom of a valley, our loamy deposits look like cocoa powder.  It stays cool at night through mid-summer, so, as you can see, the lettuce likes the climate of Hartslog Valley.


"Everything grows so big here!"

The words from vocalist Gabe Green upon visiting the farm midsummer.  Both farms have plenty of sun, water, and rich soil.  The most important ingredient, though, is love, and we've got plenty of that too.  We love our plants, and they show their appreciation.  That's why they "grow so big." 


Work and fun are synonymous.

We love what we do, so even "work" is fun.  You can see it on our faces.











Market Day

We wake early on Thursdays, harvest veggies, make flower bouquets, pack the truck, and head to market to set up.  Our community is extremely supportive, and for that we are thankful.