Dear America, Shut the F@#& Up (and Do Something About It)

I have held my tongue for too long, and I must finally say: everybody shut the f*** up about this election.  Stop cutting each other down, stop blaming everyone else for your woes, stop denying that racism exists and there's no such thing as white privilege, stop blaming immigrants and the sitting president for all of your occupational frustrations, and, please, pretty please, turn off your TV and social media for even just a little while.  This election and recent news cycles have pushed us to the point of self-destruction by thoroughly polarizing our society, force-feeding us the false realities of black and white, Trump or Hillary, and conservative or liberal.  Take a step back and realize that this is what the People With Money want us to do.  Both of the major presidential candidates are people with lots of money, and if you think for even a moment that either of them has your interests in mind, you're quite honestly foolish.  You will not find the answer to your problems in a bigoted, sexist, xenophobic, egotistical, childish, self-serving ass; nor will your find a change with a career politician who is tied to corporate monsters, a person who will continue to order deaths on foreign soil and cater to those who have given her huge sums of money. 

Everyone is understandably upset with the way things are in America and in the world.  But the prescripted reasons for our woes are fabricated as a distraction by the folks who are really in charge.  If you're upset about your job and your unlivable wage, demand and fight for higher pay.  Stop supporting chain stores that take advantage of their workers and buy from local businesses.  Go to your local cafes and restaurants that support the community and local farmers.  Frequent local art galleries and buy gifts for people from local artisans.  Spend your money locally and invest in your community. Visit the farmers' market.  Vote every day with your dollar--everything you buy you support.  Imagine casting a vote every time you buy something.  Investigate where things come from and how they are produced.  Ask "can I buy this locally?"  Start growing your own food and learning how to fix and build things.  Volunteer anywhere--a soup kitchen, a community garden, revitalization campaigns, old folks' homes, and after-school programs.  If there aren't any of these then gather other concerned citizens and do something about it.  Hold meetings, make plans and DO something. 

I'm sick of all of this talk: all of this bitching and fighting on social media and in opinion lines.  Get off your computer and take your nose out of everyone else's business and start actually doing something to help humans other than yourself.  Remember that the people we are demonizing are our neighbors, often our friends, and that compassion--not this disgusting, self-righteous, childish attitude we have adopted as a culture--is the only way forward for us.  If you think you're so patriotic, then live by the words "united we stand, divided we fall."  Our strength lies in our diversity.  We must meet each other with open hearts but at the same time not put up with bigotry and sexism.  To all of you reading this who believe in "white power," I'll be happy to sit and talk with you and try to work on understanding, but I'll burn your disgusting rebel flag if I see it.      

Wake up, everyone!  The shit you read and pay attention to is exactly that: a pile of rotting words that are meant to distract you and keep you from the real work ahead of us: demanding equal pay for women, revitalizing local businesses, investing in education and mental health, and realizing that skin color has nor more significance that the color of one's eyes.  Go out and meet your neighbors and make friends with local law enforcers.  Elect local officials who actually care about you and your rights and not the interests of corporate entities.  Get to know people who have different political views than yours, people with different skin colors, and people younger and older than you.  I think you'll find that nearly all of us want to be good people and do good things.  The problem is in our understanding of reality--a reality that is fed to us by people who don't really care about us.  Start forging your own reality with the people you interact with on a daily basis.  That's all you can do, and it's the best way for us to truly make a difference.  Don't listen to any of the naysayers; there's no time for negativity.  Don't even listen to me--figure it our for yourself: turn off your computer and stop reading these posts.  Stop feeding into the hate that "they" want us to perpetuate!  Just get out there and be a good human!